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Pair of Shoes Marketing uses social media to facilitate discussions between you and your core constituencies: consumers, customers, employees and investors. Authentic discussions that create authentic relationships in order to increase business development, brand equity and business profitability.

Know Idea

Authentic Relationships

Between You and Your Customers

There is no aspect of your business more important than the relationship between you and your customers. Your product or service is important. The productivity of your employees is important. But, the single key driver of the success or failure of your business starts and finishes with the effectiveness of the relationship between you and your customers. By definition, every business, with rare exceptions, has a relationship with their customer. With this said, a relationship is not the same as an authentic relationship. Pair of Shoes Marketing creates authentic relationships.


Authentic Businesses

Don't Create an Image, Convey Reality

Despite popular opinions, Marketing is not a department within your business. Marketing is your business. Marketing is putting your customer at the center of your business and, as judged by your customer, improving your business. By definition, Marketing is creating a relationship between you and your customer where transparency isn't a strong enough word. Transparency connotes a separation between you and your customer and this barrier is translucent. Marketing, when done effectively, has no barriers between you and your customer. Marketing creates a collaboration between you and your customer. Marketing, by definition, is about creating an Authentic Business.


Authentic Customers

Really Get to Know Your Customers

Knowing the geographics, demographics, psychographics and otherwise of your customers is getting to know your customers. But really getting to know your customers involves regularly interacting with them on a one-to-one basis. This process starts with allowing your customers to be authentic and then recognizing and valuing their authenticity. Pair of Shoes Marketing uses digital technology and other tools to allow you to effectively and efficiently do exactly this.

Engage Via:


A blog is a forum where we share our thoughts, stories and otherwise. Yesteryear, people wrote essays or Letters to the Editor. Today, people write blogs. Blogs are an excellent social media distribution tool. People read and share what they read on blogs. People read a blog and share their thoughts via "comments".


A Facebook page, similar to a blog, is a forum for people to share their thoughts, stories and otherwise. The major benefit of Facebook being that it has a more discussion-friendly format. Discussions can and do occur on blogs. But Facebook is, arguably, the best format for spurring discussions.

YouTube and Vimeo

People place videos within their YouTube or Vimeo page. Some thoughts, stories and otherwise aren't as effective via the written word. Some thoughts, stories and otherwise need to be presented as a motion picture with a music background. Some thoughts, stories and otherwise need to be both seen and heard. Youtube and Vimeo are great forums for exactly this.


Twitter is essentially a medium for us to share short, pithy thoughts and/or to direct you to longer pieces. e.g. Our blog, Facebook page, YouTube page, etc. Twitter is a person standing on a soapbox talking to a crowd.

Or... Just Contact Us

The greatest social media tool, besides knocking on our door, is the telephone. Please feel free to call us, e-mail us... Just Contact Us.