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My Simple

Within Pair of Shoes Marketing, we have partnered with other organizations as well as launched our own business ventures. These partnerships and business ventures include:

My Simple City.comMy Simple is a virtual city that creates and runs personalized eRetail stores for bricks n mortar retailers and drop-shippers. My Simple City offers retailers and drop-shippers the ability to outsource their online retail operations and offers consumers the ability to purchase products from numerous retailers and drop-shippers with one shopping cart. Pair of Shoes Marketing transformed My Simple from an e-retail store with negative earnings that primary sold baby products into My Simple, a profitable e-retail mall with annual revenues of over $500K. We also managed all operations of the sales and fulfillment process including managing product inventory, all online marketing and advertising, customer service, product shipments, and customer feedback. Pair of Shoes Marketing was responsible for all brand management, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Pay-per-Click) initiatives. This includes the creation of all brand strategies, implementation of all marketing campaigns as well as all follow-up and adjustments with relation to the results of the relevant brand and marketing initiatives. We created partnerships and managed the relationships with numerous retailers within numerous industry categories including baby products, electronics, clothing, fragrances, outdoor products and more. We also created partnerships with numerous product manufacturers including Sony, Coleman, Garmin, Graco, InStep, Schwinn, J. Mason, Epilady, Rage Cage, Arm's Reach, Dreamer Design and hundreds of other manufacturers.